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We’ve been busy at the Jule's Wellness Workspace and guess what… It’s finally launch time!! Welcome - we hope you enjoy our online boutique and healthy lifestyle blog!

What started off as a online gift basket business has blossomed into a sister company called Jule’s Wellness.  Jule's Wellness is home to an online boutique that features health-conscious products which have been hand-selected by Julie and her team of wellness professionals.

We are also home to a physical workspace in central Toronto that has opened it’s doors to wellness professionals and entrepreneurs. What does all this mean?  Let me tell you the backstory and what has inspired Jule’s Wellness.

Our Story

The Online Boutique

We discover most of our business practices by listening to our customers. Over the past few months, many Jule’s Baskets fans have shown interest in purchasing our hand-selected wellness products for their own use. 

Although we started off as a gift basket business, we had so many great products in stock that we wanted to share.   We envisioned an opportunity to sell our inventory in an online boutique setting.  We have all of the goodies, so why not?  True to our nature our website is simple, clean and functional.

The Workspace

When I was searching for a space to fulfill my large corporate orders I came across a unit in central Toronto that met my criteria.  A large and open space, less than 15 minutes from my house, washroom, garage door for loading, space to grow, parking and decent rent!

I had the option to lease the space on a temporary basis to fulfill my large orders.  That would mean retreating back to my home office to produce orders from my basement after the holiday season.  I was thinking big and I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.  I wanted to continue to build my brand and business and move forward.  

I knew if I was going to keep the space after the busy holiday season, I wanted to make some improvements.  I envisioned a bright, white warehouse type space where I would produce my orders, host workshops and events and work alongside other wellness entrepreneurs. 

When I created this space I wanted to include a kitchen for personal use as well as workshops and rentals.  A lockable room to assemble baskets and house the inventory.  An office area, as well as a living and dining area that is perfect for multi-purpose space rentals which can be used for all kinds of events and workshops!

Having been an entrepreneur since my early 20s, I know it can be a lonely and isolating existence.  I missed working in the corporate world for the energy but not for inflexibility.  I love being an entrepreneur, and the flexibility it offers, but it definitely has it's pros and cons.

Working from home sounds great when you’re in an office all day, but the reality is that it can be very lonely and uninspiring.  Did I mention I have two daughters?  I love my girls, but the mommy mommy mommy over and over and over makes it very challenging.

My vision was to diversify my business, maximize this space and be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs.  I thought why not use this great space to bring business-minds together to inspire, co-work, share ideas and support each other.  I know that communal workspaces are quite popular and for good reason.  We are social creatures and feed off energy.  This workspace isn’t like most others though.  It is a relaxed, holistic-feeling, bright and cozy space for wellness entrepreneurs.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce my partner in crime, Emily Sawyer.  Emily is our Director of Operations & Customer Care for Jule’s Baskets & Jule’s Wellness.  She is also a holistic nutritionist with focus on child and family nutrition. You can read more about her here

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Julie Tadeson
President & Founder

Julie Tadeson