Snack Box Set

A box packed full of goodies with an assortment of with delicious health-conscious snacks and treats. Perfect for your home, office, dance or yoga studio. Each box will contain a varied selection of goodies below in an example of items that may be included: 

  • Gaga For Gluten Free Double Chocolate Shortbread
  • Simply Protein Chips: Chili 
  • The Good Bean Salted Chickpeas 
  • Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans 
  • Pur Gum: Peppermint 9 pack
  • Kewaza Energy Balls
  • Simply Protine
  • Inner J Bar
  • Larabar 
  • Camino Milk Chocolate Bar 
  • Camino 71% Bittersweet Bar 
  • Madegood Granola Bites
  • Health Crunch Kale Chips