August Unboxing by Girl Meets Box

The Jule’s Wellness Lifestyle Box is such a fun surprise each month! Every month is so different, I never know what to expect. The theme for August is “Active Lifestyle”. The info card gives you tips on increasing your daily activity.




Toe Sox

These are awesome and totally something I could use! The patented non-slip grip keeps your feet in place and are excellent for all sorts of activities – yoga, pilates, dance or cartwheeling around your house! The five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally, the fitted heel keeps sock in place to eliminate bunching and twisting, and the arch support band gently lifts and supports.

Flow Water

Nurtured for thousands of years in a deep, artesian aquifer where it  naturally  collects essential minerals, electrolytes and an alkaline pH.  No industrial process or additives necessary, just pure, holistic H2O straight from the earth.

Boiron Arnicare Gel

Arnicare Gel is a quick-absorbing gel made from 100% naturally sourced medicinal ingredients including Arnica montana. It is free of  parabens, perfumes, menthol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Arnica is great for relieving muscle and joint pain, and eases resorption of bruises. I bruise easily, so I like having a product like this on hand.


Ella’s Botanicals Sports Rub

This balm is specially formulated to soothe sore muscles, joints, heal bruises and makes a great chest rub for colds!

Four Sigma Foods Instant Cordyceps

Cordyceps mushroom helps the body maintain constant energy levels by activating the bodies own energy persecution on the cells. It’s best when mixed into a smoothie.

Ultima Replenisher

Full spectrum vitamin and mineral powder supplement to replenish electrolytes after a tough sweat sesh. Free from artificial ingredients and refined sugars.



Buff Bison Sticks

Made from 100% Canadian raised bison without hormones or steroids and no additives or preservatives. Bison is one of the leanest sources of protein making these sticks perfect for a quick post workout snack. I love these type of snacks!



Juicy Bamboo Natural Cleansing Cloths

These cleansing cloths are saturated in vitamins B12, C, and E, then soaked in citrus essential oils. The cloth itself is harvested from unbleached bamboo natural fibres, which mean they have a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe.

Natural Calm Magnesium 

Magnesium is an incredible mineral for muscle relaxation and optimal organ function. It’s also great for sleep and even those time-of-the-month cramps.



Honey Stinger Energy Chews

Energy chews that are a natural source of sustainable energy for quick absorbing carbohydrates. Perfect for long distance runners, cyclists, or when your blood sugar is crashing.


This month’s Jule’s Wellness Lifestyle Box has a value of $68.75 (not including the samples). This box had a lot of theme appropriate products and I’m more than happy with all the products! I just love my new Toe Sox and the health supplements will definitely be used! I was a little surprised to see the small samples, but they are several full size products and the value is excellent! I am liking this subscription box more and more each month! It offers not only high quality products, but most are from Canadian companies. They do a great job of putting together a box full of healthy and useful products!

- Lisa, Girl Meets Box

Julie Tadeson


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