Q&A With Holistic Nutritionist: Jesse Lane

What prompted you on your journey to health?
I have struggled with IBS and food allergies on and off for most of my life, starting when I was a baby. I knew something had to change when the IBS symptoms I was experiencing kicked into high gear while I was studying Engineering at Queens University. I started my healing journey by visiting a holistic practitioner who gave me the guidance I needed to heal my leaky gut. 
As I gathered momentum, I became really excited about cooking healthy food and I started to play in the kitchen. I had so much fun creating allergen-free recipes and I really wanted to share them, so I started blogging. I had also experienced the incredible healing power of food first hand, so I enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to learn more.
What inspired you to write and create a book about desserts?
I'm a recovering sugar-a-holic, so I LOVE desserts. One of the sources of my digestive upset was Candida which forced me to decrease my sugar intake and start experimenting with alternative sweeteners. I just love giving people my desserts and seeing their reaction when they find out that they just raved about a healthy dessert!
You have built quite the brand for yourself! What has been your biggest challenge in establishing this so far?
Thank you so much! My biggest challenge has been finding focus. I am one of those people who come up with awesome business ideas all the time, but I have a really hard time picking just one and sticking with it. I tend to try something for a short period of time, then move on to the next idea if I don’t see immediate results. This means I don’t stick with it long enough to figure out why it isn’t working and what changes need to be made to fix it. It also means I have a million projects going at once! Now when I come up with good ideas, I play with them for a short time and write everything down in my “business ideas” notebook. That way I know they are there when I’m truly ready to take on a new project. 
What has been your biggest marketing tool for yourself and this new book?
The biggest marketing tool for this cookbook has been offering an exclusive discount to my tribe. When you sign up for my weekly newsletter, you also receive a time-sensitive discount that you can use when purchasing my Jesse Lane Wellness Cookbook: Healthy Dairy Free Desserts. I really try to make my subscribers feel like VIPs and offer exclusive discounts every now and then to thank them for their continual support. 
Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years? Will there be more books?
As you can imagine, I have LOTS of ideas for the next five years! I can’t tell you exactly what my plan is, but I can tell you that I will be releasing another cookbook by the end of the year. I also have 5 more cookbooks planned! The recipes have all been tested and they are delicious, I can’t wait to share them! I’m also going to hosting live online cooking classes really soon, I’m sooo excited!
What advice if any could you share with our readers who are on the same entrepreneurial journey as you?
Pick one project and really stick with it until you have enough data to know if it will continue to be a success or a flop. If you try to take on too many things at once, you won’t have the time or energy to make any of them successful. Not every idea or project you start will be successful, but that is ok. It is all an opportunity to learn more about what will work for you and your business.


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About Jesse: 

Jesse Lane Lee, BSc, CNP is a cheerful Holistic Nutritionist, motivating speaker, cookbook author, and founder of JesseLaneWellness.com. She is a recovering sugar-a-holic who, after suffering from candida, started eating homemade sweets made with alternative sweeteners. Jesse Lane had so much fun creating healthy dessert recipes, she started writing them down so she could share with you in her cookbook. She is the author Jesse Lane Wellness Cookbook Healthy Dairy Free Desserts and has contributed to recipes to KrisCarr.com, MindBodyGreen.com and Get Naked in the Kitchen: Healthy Recipes That Are Proud To Bare It All. You can connect with Jesse Lane on Facebook or Instagram @jesselwellness. Whenever you make one of her recipes, take a picture and tag @jesselwellness!

Website: http://www.jesselanewellness.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JesseLWellness

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jesselwellness

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/JesseLaneWellnesscom

eBook: http://www.jesselanewellness.com/dairy-free-desserts/

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