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Flow Alkaline Water

Our water is nurtured for thousands of years in a deep, artesian aquifer where it  naturally  collects essential minerals, electrolytes  and an  alkaline pH.  No industrial process or additives necessary, just pure, holistic H2O straight from the earth. Oh and our package has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry and it’s PET and BPA free. You're welcome.

Essential minerals like Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium Carbonate give Flow its unique silky taste and healthful properties like a naturally high pH to offset modern acidic diets and electrolytes to keep the body more hydrated.

Our package is as positive as our water. It's made from renewable materials that are PET and BPA free. Cartons are transportation efficient. That means 3 times as much Flow can be shipped in 1 truck compared to water packed in plastic bottles. Fewer trucks = less fuel = less green house gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint and yours.

We imagined a bottled water brand that was naturally healthful. Not filtered or altered tap water owned by a major corporation. We looked for an alternative to the plastic bottle, a package with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We stopped looking and we started creating.