Jaswant's Kitchen Tadka Masala

Tadka is the flavour base of almost all Indian dishes. It is the process of frying onions, garlic and ginger in oil along with many aromatic spices. It is what brings an Indian dish to life.

Jaswant has created this 100% natural spice blend to eliminate the time consuming and complicated process of making traditional tadka.

By simply mixing this spice blend with water, you create an “instant tadka”. This allows many of our recipes to be cooked using little to no oil, making our versions of these dishes healthier, while still preserving all of the flavour. Our Tadka Masala contains dried onion, garlic, ginger as well as over 20 individual spices, not possible to mix on daily basis from the masala box. This blend is the most versatile and allows you to cook meat curries, vegetable dishes, lentils and more.

• You’ll save money by not having to purchase each of the 20 individual spices included in this blend.
• Perfect if you’re just starting to cook Indian food – we’ve done all the hard work of blending all the spices!
• Great for experienced Indian cooks too – you’ll save loads of time in the kitchen!