Dandy Blend

For those of us who enjoy coffee but not the caffeine hit or acidity, Dandy Blend is your go to!

Dandy blend

I was a little skeptical about the taste of roasted dandelion roots in my coffee mug first thing in the morning; I was however, pleasantly surprised.

The Dandy Blend mix looks exactly like instant coffee, and you only need to use a tablespoon to make a full mug with a rich flavour. Just pour hot water over the mix and you have an instant frothy and delicious coffee substitute. You can drink it black or add in some almond milk for a flavourful “dandelion latte”.

Fructose occurs naturally in the roots of dandelions so you will not need to add any sweeteners to your mug as well; there is no bitterness!

The fact that you feel good about yourself while drinking Dandy Blend is also nice, it’s gluten free and dandelions have numerous health benefits; also, no more caffeine jitters.

Dandy Blend has become a staple in my house and I’m so happy that I gave it a chance!

Try out this warming spice drink:

Combine 1 tsp. of Dandy Blend with warm water, a splash of coconut or vanilla almond milk, 1 tsp. of raw honey and a few pinches of pumpkin pie spice in a mug. Enjoy hot! 

Jessica Delaney