August 02, 2015

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Go Macro Bar

I absolutely love Go Macro Bars.

About eight months ago I made the decision to completely overhaul my eating habits and start to live a holistic, healthy and happy lifestyle. It was difficult at first as a student and also working a full-time job on the side, but I eventually learned how to plan and prepare meals and how to stay healthy while being a busy bee.

The one problem that I had was finding a protein or energy bar that was gluten-free, organic, and didn’t have any additives. I personally cannot have dairy either, so the search became increasingly difficult. I wanted a bar that I could eat in the morning because I always seem to be rushing off to school or work.

Finally I came across Go Macro Bars, they are gluten-free, organic, vegan and so delicious. I would call my love for Go Macro bars somewhat of an addiction at this point, I feel like they give me the energy that I need and the fact that I can feel good about eating them is an added bonus.
They have a variety of flavours but my go-to Go Macro Bar is the sweet and chewy Apples & Walnuts -tastes just like apple pie!

About Jessica: 

Jessica Delaney is a wellness enthusiast, PR superstar and health food lover who has been interning with with the Jule's Team for the last couple of months.   

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