Eco Nuts Soap Berries

This weeks product spotlight are these magic Soap Berries from Eco Nuts. Soap Berries grow on trees in the Himalayas and are harvested for their shells which naturally contains soap- amazing isn't it! 

The natural soap is called saponin which works to gently penetrate the fibres in your clothing, breaking up and lifting stains. 

Not only are they gentle on the clothes, but also on the skin making this product a great for those with sensitive skin, allergies or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. With no other artificial scents or ingredients added, this product is truly 100% natural. 

Unlike conventional, toxic laundry products that contain artificial foaming agents, Soap Berries don't produce a lot of bubbles, making them ideal for those septic and grey water systems in cottage country. 

We have these available on our online boutique in both regular packs (100 loads) and trial size (10 loads). 

Want to know more? Check out ABC's product review and testing on Eco Nuts Here.






Emily Sawyer