Dark Chocolate is Your Friend

Chocolate has a rich history of power, luxury and wealth. At one time cocoa beans were used as currency by the Aztec's. Although chocolate has evolved a far ways and many of the products produced today do not reflect the nutrient value and health benefits of pure cocoa. Cocoa is actually very bitter due to its high content of polyphenols, that are micronutrients that have a role in degenerative disease prevention  Therefore the sweetness you taste in conventional chocolate is added sugar, pasteurized milk and low amounts of cocoa.

Many consider Cacao to be a complete food because it contains healthy fats, antioxidants, minerals and Valeric acid (which is actually a known stress reducer even despite the stimulating effects it has).

From anti-carcinogenic, to added skin protection against the sun, to reducing stress hormones and increasing the lifespan, the cocoa bean has a wide range of health benefits.

Chocolate Terminology

Cacao: is a small plant of the Theobroma species. Cacao beans are the dried beans of the plant. Cocoa beans are the processed or roasted version of the cacao beans.
Cocoa: roasted cacao beans ground up into powder which removes most of the fat.
Cocoa Butter: the fat component of the cocoa bean.
Raw Chocolate: chocolate made from cocoa beans that are not roasted. This preserves many of the antioxidants as processing can easily alter and destroy them.
Dark Chocolate: chocolate that is 70% or more cocoa.
White Chocolate: does not actually contain any cocoa. It is mostly pasteurized milk and sugar. 
Milk Chocolate: includes all chocolate along the spectrum between white and under 70% cocoa.


Knowing the amazing health benefits of cocoa, it is clearly in your best interest to stick with chocolate that has the highest amounts of cocoa you can tolerate. Here are a list of trusted chocolate producers that make delicious chocolate with all the benefits in mind.

Chocosol Raw
An artisan chocolate company founded in Oaxaca, Mexico but now calls Toronto home. They stone grind their raw cacao beans to create their rich chocolate. They want to create chocolate that is good for the mind, body and soul and is flighting for change in the food system. Their chocolate is organic and fair-trade.

Offering organic, fair-trade chocolate that is sourced from their partner of co-operative family farmers. We carry their amazing 71% cocoa chocolate bar and hot chocolate.

Giddy YoYo Raw
Get ready for this, Giddy YoYo is vegan, gluten free, nut and tree nut free, soy free, refined sugar free, kosher, organic, fair-traded and wildcrafted. It is great for sustainable weight loss when you need a small indulgence along the way and with an absence of common allergens and refined sugar it is a very clean product.

Offering organic and fair-trade dark chocolate that is combined with everyones favourite fruit, banana!

Zimt's chocolate is not only raw to maximize nutritional benefits, but it is also vegan and organic. Sweetened with coconut sugar, Zimt's Peppermint Nib'd Raw Chocolate Bar is a perfect treat that is satisfying and nutrient dense.

And if you are looking for some chocolate themed baskets, we have those too.

Chocolate Lovers Basket

Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate and Coffee Lover


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