Cold & Flu Kit Pre-Orders Have Launched & A Chance To Win!

As Canadians, we know that cold & flu season is coming! Though we can’t stop it from arriving, we can certainly prevent it from taking our immune systems by storm. We have teamed up with two Naturopathic Doctors from Clinic Intrinsic to help you feel your best and enjoy the fall and winter seasons and beyond. We’ve created 2 awesome products – The Cold & Flu Prevention Kit & The Cold & Flu Restoration Kit

We are so excited to share this new venture with you that one lucky reader will win a Prevention Kit by simply entering the contest listed at the end of this blog! 

Read on for your chance to win!

Who do we recommend these kits for? 

Everyone! But especially those who come in contact with the public on a regular basis – whether that’s from taking transit, working as a doctor, nurse, dentist, teacher, daycare worker – you name it! You’re time is valuable and we know that most of us can’t afford to get knocked out by a cold. At Clinic Intrinsic we talk with our patients about prevention being the best type of medicine. We have patients that rely on cold and flu prevention techniques to ensure they stay healthy all year long. Your time is precious and the last thing you want to do is feel sick! Our job is to help you feel better and stay healthy, naturally. 

What’s in the kits?

Our Prevention Kit – This all-natural kit contains absolutely everything you need to support your immune system this cold and flu season:

  • Custom Prevention Formula including immune supporting botanicals and nutrients such as Reishi, Echinacea, Astragalus, Vitamin C and more. 
  • Vitamin D – Genestra D-mulsion
  • Bee propolis spray – Beekeeper’s Naturals 
  • Echinacea Tea- Traditional Medicinals 
  • Coconut Water – JAX
  • Manuka Honey – Wedderspoon
  • Recipe card for making your own onion, garlic and honey cough syrup, and bone broth  

Price = $90

Our Restoration Kit – If a cold does get you down this restorative kit is full of everything you need to recover:

  • Custom Restoration Formula including effective cold and flu fighting botanicals and nutrients including Andrographis, Elderberry, Goldenseal and more. 
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – doTerra 
  • Lymphdiaral – Pascoe 
  • Manuka Lozenges – Wedderspoon 
  • Sinus Rinse Kit – Neil Med
  • Cold & Flu Starter Kit – Traditional Medicinals 

Price = $130

Other Tips for Cold & Flu Prevention and Care:

Along with our prevention kit, the following supporting lifestyle practices can help you ward off a cold and flu:

  • Get Lots of Sleep: Getting run down is a sure-fire way to make yourself vulnerable to a cold or flu. Allowing for adequate rest is paramount when keeping yourself healthy!
  • Stay Hydrated: The mucous membranes in your nose, mouth, throat and lungs need adequate hydration to do their job of defending our bodies against viruses and bacteria so give them a helping hand and drink up!
  • Wash Your Hands Frequently: Whether it’s touching public door handles, shaking hands or whatever you may be doing during your day, the importance of washing your hands to prevent the spread of pathogens cannot be underestimated. 
  • Eat Your Veggies: Full of antioxidants that help prevent cellular damage and give our immunes systems vital nutrients including vitamin C and bioflavonoids, veggies are your body’s best friend in helping to ward off illness and build health. 
  • Hot and Cold Showers: We are big fans of hydrotherapy and a simple way to implement it into your life is with hot and cold showers. Simply shower with hot water for 2-3mins, then turn the temperature to cold for 30 seconds and then repeat the process 2 more times, being sure to end on cold. This instantly improves circulation of both blood and lymph in your body to increase immune support. It’s that simple!

How do I order?

Visit and select the ‘I want to pre-order button!’

You will then be taken to the Jule’s Wellness website to finish the transaction.

Both the Prevention and Restorative kit will be  available for purchase.  You can purchase a Restorative kit or purchase the products found in the Restorative kit a la cart.

When will I receive my kit?

If you pre-order your kit, you will receive your first kit the week of November 9th.  It will be delivered right to your doorstep.  If you’re not home to receive it, Canada Post will leave a slip with instructions on where you can pick it up from your local Canada Post. PLEASE NOTE, THIS PRODUCT IS LIMITED TO CANADA. 

Can I set-up a recurring order to receive my kit monthly?

If you would like to receive your Prevention kit monthly, please choose the subscribe button and you will receive it every 25 days.  You won’t need to think about anything and will have everything you need at your fingertips to prevent sickness, naturally.


Julie Tadeson