Are you Dry Brushing?

What is it?

Dry brushing is quick and easy to incorporate into your daily self-care regimen. It’s exactly as it sounds, which may not sound appealing at first -- but trust us! Once you see the benefits to why, and how easy it is, this will quickly become a part of routine.

5 Benefits + Reasons to Dry Brush:

  1. Detoxifying
With Autumn now upon us, it’s one of the best times to detox your body as we transition from summer to winter. Our skin is the largest organ and one where about 30 percent of detoxification takes place. 
Dry brushing stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system – responsible for your immunity, toxin and waste elimination.  Increasing skin circulation encourages lymphatic drainage, and therefore more effective and efficient detoxing, instead of stagnant toxins hanging out in your body – that’s what causes illness!
  1. Breast Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and dry brushing can help with breast health, by massaging the fat tissues in the breast. This helps to increase elimination of toxins that may be stuck in the fat tissues (bras are restricting!).  Also remember to give some extra love to your underarms area, where major nymph node glands are (also focus on inner tights and base of neck).  

  1. Exfoliating

Forget those weird shower gels with “exfoliating beads”, or as an alternate to body scrubs, dry brushing helps to slough off old, dead, and dry skin cells - encouraging unclogged, renewed, vibrant and smoother skin.

4. Reduces appearance of cellulite

Some claim that brushing helps to break down fat deposits and distributes them more evenly, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also helps frees trapped toxins so they can be eliminated. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try!

  1. Energizing

Increased blood flow throughout your whole body helps make you feel more energized and stimulated.

You can also boost the energizing and detoxing effects of dry brushing with a hydrotherapeutic shower after, with a few rounds alternating between intervals of hot and cold water.

How to dry brush:

  • Get a dry brush with fairly stiff and natural bristles (we carry this one in our boutique).
  • Strip down and get into your shower/bath tub, but before turning any water on, start brushing!
  • Start brushing from your feet and move upwards (legs, stomach, chest, arms, back, etc). Apply decent pressure (not too soft, but not too hard!) Avoid the delicate areas like your face, and genitals.
  • Brush in a circular movement, clock-wise, and move towards the heart.
  • Brushing sessions can be anywhere from a couple of minutes, up to 20 minutes. Don’t worry, it’s normal to be pink all over when you’re done.
  • You can do this 1-2 times a day, on a daily basis. Best results come from a regular routine. After a few times, dry brushing won’t feel so abrasive, and can become relaxing practice.
  • That’s it! Continue with your normal showering routine, or see below with more tips.

Convinced? Try it out for yourself! We carry it in our boutique. 


About Vivian:

Vivian Ngai is a virtual assistant for holistic wellness entrepreneurs and changemakers. She provides various types of business supports in order to save time and money so both business and entrepreneur can thrive through Support by Vivian.

Along with being a lover of wellness, she also loves food, personal development, and travel. She is also a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and holds a Masters degree in sociology – a multipassionate of all sorts!

Connect with her at, @vivianwlove, or vivian(at)

Vivian Ngai