Bouncing Back

It’s no doubt you might be feeling slightly puffy and foggy this morning after a weekend well spent with family, friends, good food and maybe a little (or a lot!) of wine.
One weekend of indulgence sometimes leads to fatigue and cravings during the week following. We’re here to share our tips and tricks for bouncing back quickly, reducing the bloat and increasing your energy.
Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! 
Get drinking! Hydrating with pure water is by far the best way to move toxins left behind by alcohol and sugar. It helps purify your blood, brain and skin. Not a water fan? Throw in some citrus fruits, mint or cucumber for extra flavour. We like Flow water for the extra benefits of minerals and Jax Coco coconut water as a sugar free alternative to plain water. 

Eat Clean  
Clean eating means focusing on real food while reducing packaged foods. Give yourself a couple of hours in the kitchen to chop and prep fresh salads with lean protein, cook a batch of steel cut oats and quinoa, and portion out fruits, protein powder and greens for smoothies.

Snack on fresh vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of water -celery is a wonderful natural diuretic! Chia seeds are also a great choice as they soak up toxins within your digestive tract and help get things moving. Try our recipe for Chocolate Chia seed Pudding as a snack or breakfast option.
Find ways to move your body preferably workouts that have your heart pumping! Sign up for a couple of cardio classes like spinning or trying hot yoga. Grab a friend and go for a walk during lunch. Try a FitSet Pass where you can try out different classes and gyms so you’re constantly challenging your body with new workouts. 

Sip Some Tea
We are big fans of The Honest Leaf Tea because of their delicious taste and medicinal properties. Try their detox tea with pure, organic liver supporting herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion as well as the powerful diuretic fennel seed. This tea will be my substitute for coffee this week!

Dry Brush
Dry brushing has become part of my weekly routine and something I look forward to as a light massage and spa experience. Brushing the skin increases circulation in the lymphatic system where toxins often become stagnant, plus is helps improve skins tone and texture (goodbye cellulite!) Give your body a rub down pre-shower a couple days/ week. Merben makes the softest brushes. 
Try Mineral Salts  
Mineral salts contain a high amount of magnesium, which has been shown to relax muscles while drawing impurities out of your skin. Try them in a warm bath after one of your sweat sessions and sip on a cup of detox tea. 


Try incorporating all or some of these tips during this week to help bounce back quicker. After a few days you will feel renewed, refreshed and full of energy! 

About Emily:

Emily Sawyer is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a love for good, wholesome food. She is also the Director of Operations and Community Care at Jule's Wellness. Emily believes in living a balanced life for optimal health and well-being. This means not depriving yourself of the foods you love, but rather choosing healthier versions of them and eating mindfully. Her holistic approach to living encompasses the belief that the entire body is connected. Through her Holistic Health coaching services, Emily gives you the tools and support needed to live your best life.


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