Why You Should be Drinking Chaga

What is Chaga? 

Chaga is a mushroom that has been used to support overall health for thousands of years. It’s harvested from Birch trees that grow in colder climates. To survive in those harsh, cold climates, chaga concentrates natural compounds for protection. In fact, researchers have used chaga to revive dying trees. Imagine what it can do for you! 

Powerful Adaptogen 

An adaptogen is a substance that modifies the bodies response to stress helping you deal with any physical and mental repercussions associated with that stress. Stress could be anything from disease to minor anxiety brought on mentally.

Chaga is known as the most powerful adaptogen. Consuming it daily can have incredible effects on stabilizing your body, allowing you to thrive in everyday life. 

Full of phytochemicals including B vitamins, flavonoids, sterols, phenols and enzymes that help to nourish your digestive system, heart and adrenal glands.  

Promotes Longevity 

In countries such as Siberia, China, Russia and Eastern Europe where chaga is a regularly consumed drink, people tend to have longer, more healthful lives. This is due to the exceedingly high amounts of superoxide dismutase; an enzyme found in all living cells providing oxygen and protection against free radical damage. The more SOD we have available in our cells, the more protection we have against cancer, disease and infection.  

How to use Chaga 

As the benefits of Chaga are becoming more known, we are starting to see it available on shelves in North America. It can be found in drops, dried, or as a tea.

Four Sigma Foods makes getting the benefits of Chaga easily attainable everyday with their small purse and pocket friendly packets! They're made with pure, dried and ground Chaga mushroom slightly sweetened with all natural stevia. Add a packet to warm water and sip as a hot tea, add to smoothies, or try this cold lemon chaga tea for a refreshing drink.

Iced Lemon Raspberry Chaga Tea 

2 Packets of Four Sigma instant Chaga tea 

4 cups of hot filtered water 

1 lemon 

1/2 cup of frozen raspberries 

In a glass pitcher, pour in both Chaga packets. Pour hot water in and stir to dissolve. squeeze half the lemon and slice the other half into thin rounds. Place sliced lemon in the pitcher and let cool completely. Pour over ice in 2 glasses and garnish each with frozen raspberries.  



Emily Sawyer