Getaways Essentials

It's that time of the year again! As the weather warms up, everyone is looking for a chance to getaway. You worked hard, so you deserve to have the best time this summer.

Whether it's to your cottage or a vacation destination, let's make the transition run smoothly. Here are some essentials from Jule's Baskets and Jule's Wellness Boutique to make each step of the way stress-free: 

Travel Snacks - Luscious Snacks

This sweet and salty snack basket is perfect to cater everyone's taste buds! Health conscious finger treats that would make the travel to your destination a delicious one. 

Kitchen Essentials - Culinary Staples

After a long hiatus, the kitchen staples may have gone bad after the long winter. Make sure your destination is fully stocked up with healthy kitchen essentials the moment you arrive. You can pre-order this basket and choose your delivery date to ensure it arrives at your door right before the car pulls in. It would be the best stress-relieving gift you can do for yourself!

Skincare Essential - Sunscreen

Don't forget to wear your SPF! The most important skincare item that everyone should have handy. Avoid the burn and protect your skin long-term. The Coola Suncare Mineral Sport Sunscreen is a water-resistant sunscreen that is perfect to allow you to have fun without worrying that it has been washed off from your hike or swim! 


The Jules' Team

Susan Chiu