Release Stress with Yoga

Last night, after an exhausting and stressful day at work - I pushed myself and made it to yoga.

After practice I felt energized, tired but not drained, centred. Felt more in control and less stressed and anxious.

So what is it about yoga and stress? What's the relationship between them? What is the effect of both in our body and mind?

Let’s talk a little bit about STRESS

Stress is the brain's response to any type of demand. It’s created when we are pulled in different directions as we try to balance demands of life, work, family, finances, housework and daily commute.

We cope with some short-term stress, but when continues and becomes chronic – it makes us feel depressed, unwell, tired and drained. Stress supresses the immune system and energy levels.

Now, let's define YOGA

Yoga is the mind/body union. It is a practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, meditation and relaxation.

It is a LIFESTYLE.   It integrates various health approaches as it brings together the physical and mental disciplines.

Hatha yoga in particular, is a very good practice for stress management. It is a slower practice that holds each posture for at least 5 deep breaths. The controlled breathing in yoga is what helps us control the body and quiet the mind.

Some stress relieving poses you can practice anytime at home are the following:

CHILDS POSE: This is a resting pose that helps quite the mind, ease stress and anxiety and stretch the back.


STANDING FORWARD BENDS: this pose helps stretch the hamstrings, things and hips. Relievingstress and fatigue at the same time. Best to be done with the knees slightly bend.

TREE POSE: Helps release stress by improving concentration, balance and quiets the mind.
CORPSE POSE: most calming pose of the practice. Emphasizes in full relaxation, breath and complete stillness - It slows down the breath, lowers blood pressure and quiets the nervous system.
TRIANGLE POSE: great stress reliever, full body stretch, improves digestion and helps lower symptoms of anxiety.

Breath is what guides us through the poses and movements. It brings us to the present moment and makes us feel grounded. It is the only way to manage and control the stress we experience throughout the practice.
If we are able to take our yoga practice out of the mat, and into our daily life – we’ll be able to be more present, less stressed, more balanced and centred.
Yoga is a practice, and so is life.
And trust me when I say… that when I feel the most disconnected, anxious, stressed or reluctant to go to class – it’s exactly when I feel most grateful that I went.

About Monica 

Monica Adler is a certified Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance. She holds a Fitness Nutrition Certification by the ISSA, a Body Mind Nutrition Diploma by BodyMind Institute, and is currently enrolled in her Health Coach Masters with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
After working in the business and financial industry for many years, Monica is slowly shifting her professional career to health and wellness. She believes in a Mind, Body and Spirit connection, and an overall lifestyle balance.
Creator of PyaraWellness; Monica is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and guides her clients on creating new long lasting healthy habits on relationships, career, diet and exercise to meet set goals.

You can contact her at or +1 (647) 972 8272, and follow her on Instagram: @pyarawellness and FB: Pyara Wellness 

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